Monday, August 10, 2015

My Favorite Dragon Dreams

Out of all the dragon dreams that I’ve had so far – whether they’re dreams about my dragon guide, HTTYD-related dreams, a combination of both, or other dragon dreams – I’d have to say that my favorite ones are a tie between the ones where I was a dragon and the ones where I’ve ridden my dragon guide.

What is it about these dreams that makes them my favorite dragon dreams out of all the ones that I’ve had so far, you may wonder?  Simply put, it’s the glorious sensation of flight and the glorious sensation of being in the sky.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Dreams of Being a Dragon

When it comes to the dragon dreams that I’ve had so far, they are mainly dreams of talking to a dragon (be it my dragon guide or another dragon) and they are occasionally dreams such as (but not limited to) dreams of riding my dragon guide.  However, there’s one kind of dragon dream that I’ve had only twice:  the dream of being a dragon.

The two dreams that I had of being a dragon were not dreams that I had recently, though – they were dreams that I had a long time ago (long before I started having dreams about my dragon guide, I might add).  I don’t remember much about those dreams, but I do remember that I was a huge white Western dragon in one of them and I was a huge black Western dragon in the other one – and I remember that no one was riding on me in both of them.  Also, if my memory serves me correctly, I was flying above and between two cliffs in the dream where I was the black dragon.  While I think of those dreams as just dreams and nothing more, they were awesome dreams nonetheless.

I haven’t had any dreams of being a dragon since I had those dreams.  Looking back on it now, I wish that I could have those kinds of dreams again.  The closest thing that I have to those kinds of dreams now is having dreams of riding my dragon guide.