Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Same Feeling

While I originally didn’t plan on writing an entry about this, I nonetheless felt somewhat inspired to do it after I recently read the entry “Speaking from the Soul” on the blog of Toothless the Nightfury.  Speaking of which, happy birthday Toothless the Nightfury!  :)

Anyways, in the five times that I’ve watched How to Train Your Dragon 2, I’ve tended to have different feelings about some of the scenes in it every time that I’ve watched it (and while I’d like to go into detail about that, it’s another topic for another blog entry).

However, there’s one scene in it that I’ve had the same feeling about every time that I’ve watched it:  the scene where Toothless turns on Hiccup while under the control of Drago’s Bewilderbeast.  Whenever I watch that scene, my heart starts pounding in my chest.  It’s as if Toothless turning on Hiccup – and preparing to fire a plasma blast at Hiccup – is something that scares me on the inside and something that I find hard to believe.

As tempted as I was to write this entry while listening to “Hiccup Confronts Drago”, I didn’t do it at first (I didn’t listen to any songs at first, but then I listened to “Eden” by Hooverphonic and part of “Master’s Apprentices” by Opeth; quite random choices, I know)...only to do it later on in the end.  Listening to “Hiccup Confronts Drago” actually resulted in me thinking of that scene and coming close to having the feeling that I get whenever I watch that scene.

Thursday, September 10, 2015


I apologize for being absent lately.  I’ve been rather busy writing poetry and doing other things (including going on a short vacation with a few of my friends :)).

Anyways, I have written a few entries about my dragon guide and my dragon dreams, one entry about How to Train Your Dragon 2, and one entry about something dragon-related that happened to me.  However, I’m unsure of which direction I’m going to take the blog in and unsure of what will appear on the blog in the near future at the moment – they’re things that I have to spend some time thinking about.  So if I end up not posting any entries for a while, this is the reason why.