Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A Good (and Funny) Thing

One year ago today, I finished writing my poem about my dragon guardian/guide.  (Well, to be more specific, I finished writing the first draft of it.  I made many revisions to it later on, and I plan on making some more revisions to it in the future.)  I felt a real sense of relief at the time and felt that I had outdone myself, as it ended up being longer than I originally intended it to be.  I was surprised at how fast it came together as well.  To this day, I consider it to be my magnum opus and feel that I won’t be able to top it in the future.

There is one thing about this that’s funny to me, though:  Since then, I haven’t had a dream where my dragon guardian/guide has asked me if I wrote a poem about him or has told me that he knows that I wrote a poem about him.  XD

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