Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Fifth Has Come Again

Well, today is my birthday, and it was a cool day.

I got to sleep in this morning, which was a relief.  Before I woke up, I had a dream where my dragon guardian/guide told me to be thankful that he is my guardian.

For the afternoon, I just hung out at home, surfed the Internet, watched random videos on Youtube, and briefly chatted with two people from Berk’s Grapevine on Skype (both of whom wished me a happy birthday ^^).  I also got two gift cards for restaurants from my father.

Then, in the evening, I had dinner out with a couple of my friends.  I told them how I was and we talked with each other, but I mostly listened to them talk about different things (sometimes while chuckling).  They told me that they didn’t get my gift yet because they were busy with other things, which I understood.  After we finished having dinner, I went home and my family and I had cake.

Overall, I had a good birthday this year.  I’m happy about the gifts that I got (so far, anyways) and I’m glad that I have the family and friends that I have.

On a final note, I thought that I’d end this entry with a little bit of trivia:  Like Hiccup, I was born prematurely.

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